The Final Solution (Single)

by The Real Mike Wilson

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Inspired by the Sample, Numbers, TRMW set off to write a song dealing with numbers but found himself discussing poverty, politics and television instead. Borrowed from a book with the same title, Final Solution was the result of these digressions.


Verse 1

(Let's go)

Don’t touch that dial less you dialing like the sun
Praying to the sun god till you make her cum
Only god can do it, than she must be a nun
I been a long time coming like 9-1-1

Number one two times if you calculate the sum
Like you got two one’s and you pass two bums
Or you feeling generous and give both two one
But the other get jelly cuz he didn't get none

Kinda like the poor when it comes getting funds
99 percent at war with the one
Cuz the one only leave the 99 crumbs
So the 99 fight one another in the slums

Like a fight club, nowhere to hide or run
Don’t talk about it, that’s rule number one
If you be about it, that’s being dumb
Gotta fight the tide, like tortoise young

No coiled tongue, sealing words unsung
So many bad thoughts, tell me where they from
The bluest eye, is the one she wants
Pray to god that someday they come

Pray the moon don’t eclipse the sun
Water rise and drown all their young
Blues band solos their drum
As the indicator that the world is done

Verse 2

(Let's go)

Don’t touch the dial less you dialing like a phone
Or you grab the remote, nobody else home
Turn on the TV, watching Game of thrones
Now you channel surfing, you in the zone

Another show about some kids at home
Doing the darnest things, on videos from phones
Next up is a film called Bones
But right before it, a show bout clones

How the stars war, the empire condones
Palpatine and how his cover was blown
New hope, and how the force was strong
In a young Luke and how his dad passed on

Like a light bulb, his light turned on
Don’t talk about it, you will get disowned
If you be about, that’s being gone
Gotta fight the Sith, they gotta be dethroned

All these images enter your home
Amalgamate and move as one
You the star now, look how dreams do come
Hallucination introduce your son

Young Jared Leto before he was prone
To sell the drugs he was hooked up on
Don’t be surprised if you aint get the tone
It was all a dream, it was just a song

(Let's go)



released July 16, 2017
Sample of Numbers by Kraftwerk


all rights reserved



The Real Mike Wilson New York, New York

The Real Mike Wilson is a rapper and producer from Bedstuy, Brooklyn.

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