Side Quest (Single)

by The Real Mike Wilson

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Side Quest includes a sample from "I Was Born For This" from the Journey Soundtrack. Side Quest a political banter put to a somber song. Journey is an award winning game from That Game Company.


Life a journey not a side quest
But I digress, had to open my eyelids, to my bias
Real funny how all I hear is silence,
When Obama dropped bombs, the alliance
Of our minds, to make our eyes go blind
Ears go deaf, to all the violence
So simple, now we divided
Alternative facts on my news feed
But if you looking for the truth gotta find it
Gotta search, mine coal, ask questions
Algorithm more concerned wit a girl undressing
Than another black man gun downed
Upload the content, love how it makes it rounds
Black lives matter, crowds make that sound
All lives matter, tryna tear blacks down
Like the bombing of the move
Hate to see a nigga liberated
Dred head liberators were the proof
America don’t wanna see a free black state
But whats new?
Selling off data for a campaign
Tweeting out of anger, such a damn shame
Target marketing the opposition with some hard facts
Super predators were adolescent blacks
Trolled by a troll with a toupee
Touche to the toupe sporting, Goldar looking menace,
got this country mighty morphing, on his side is a penance
Mike, was all that important,
Yes, when my oldest neighbor has to be deported
Been here his whole life, but he treated like he foreign
Think woman losing rights, (why) they can’t get abortions
Land of the free but we detain refugees?
Drop a bomb on their home and tell em they can’t leave
Cut off ya life line tell you, you can’t breath
No more Obamacare, there’s a problem here
If you ain’t feeling safe that’s the reason you can’t sleep
When satirist tell more truth than the news
Than we lose, short fuse
On our commander and chief, shout out to Mr. Baldwin,
It was funny at first, but when fact and fiction mix reality hurts
So we the causality first, and then we casually burst, into a million fragments
Till we practically dirt
And it hurts...


released July 22, 2017


all rights reserved



The Real Mike Wilson New York, New York

The Real Mike Wilson is a rapper and producer from Bedstuy, Brooklyn.

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